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About M&W Soaps

M&W Soaps is a small sole proprietorship in the friendly valley of Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada.
The owner, Kendra Wark, is a practicing nurse who has worked in many areas of the health care system, though her true passion is physical fitness and overall health.  


Kendra operates a fitness company providing classes of various intensities out of her house. She  enjoys being active and promotes physical health, and also dedicates time towards mental health and the need of rest and rejuvenation.

Even though wonderful, life is consuming, busy and demanding. M&W Soaps understands the need to wind down and enjoy a gentle touch of me time.

Our product is crafted with genuine thought and care. Our mission is to make someone’s day a little brighter with a touch of love.

With this mission, you will be safe to purchase any of the products made by M&W Soaps and know that you will achieve this.

Various products are crafted by M&W Soaps such as skin nutrient soaps, lotions and scrubs. Bath bombs in various sizes, colours and scents are available. Bubble bath scoops are a new adventure with
the goal of creating a bubble bath full of silky nutrients and heart felt aromas. Candles come in various sizes and are created with uplifting, cozy and relaxing scents.

Purchasing the products separately or requesting a specialized gift package are offered through M&W Soaps. Various gift packaging ideas are available to suit your needs. Message us to get your special order started or simply add items to the cart that you would like to try. 

M&W Soaps has been asked to create wedding gift bags, group events such as gymnastic clubs prize handouts, special occasion gift packs and thank you gifts for staff. M&W Soaps sell their product in store at locations across Manitoba, such as Goldleaf in Minnedosa, Vint’s Sandcastle Cottage in Sandy Lake, Jewels of Siam in Onanole and Livingstone landscaping in Brandon, Mb.

Thank you for your time  - please browse the site and if you have any questions or special requests please reach out.

Enjoy your day, expand your horizons and relax with the memories you’ve made.

-Kendra Wark

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